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We specialise in three key drivers of business outcome – how you manage and interact with your customers, employee engagement and operational delivery.


The increasing focus on leveraging customer experience (CX) to differentiate can lead to an information overload, with a growing dependence on technology and less on people - in essence, too much data, not enough insight, little action and limited return.  


Does this sound familiar?

Our purpose is to give unparalleled insight into the relationship between the business, its employees and the customer and thereby enable clients to maximise their business potential through their people and processes.

Our special blend of consulting, research and practical technology can harmonise, improve and tune all your CX activity into one common cause - Insight Now for Change


We are fast, flexible and knowledgeable INSIGHT specialists at the point of customer contact. We offer a unique blend of expert consulting, effective and cost efficient technology and operational benchmarking. Our objective is to pinpoint what is happening NOW and where to commit for a rapid return. There are four phases to our approach, which we call the 4 Cs. 


Click on the icons below for more information on our 4 C’s Approach

We connect our insights and experience with your data to inform joined-up improvements to Operational Delivery, Employee Engagement, Customer Experience and Business Outcome - populating our BALANCED SCORECARD


We provide a quick, flexible, sustainable partnership for your business:

Insight Now is Quick


We move rapidly to deliver information to act on

Insight Now is Flexible


We align ourselves to your business as it grows and changes

Insight Now is Sustainable


We continuously assess and learn to improve your CX

Insight Now is a Partnership


We treat your business like we treat our own

We have a unique ability to understand our clients and the relationship they have with customers and performance. We combine CX feedback with operational, employees and financial data to provide realistic and integrated action plans within a balanced scorecard.




Our track record demonstrates sustainable improvement at all stages of the customer experience lifecycle, from onboarding new customers – to the events and ongoing customer and supplier relationships within all business areas. 

In addition, there are two related strands to our services portfolio:

  • We conduct independent panel-based benchmarking in partnership with Grant Thornton.

  • We work with Dimension Data (now part of NTT) to deliver its Global Benchmarking Report (deemed to be the most authoritative review of its type on the state of the CX, digital and contact centre industries).

These activities enable excellent insights on behalf of our clients.


Although working in many sectors, our focus has been (though not exclusively) insurance and financial services. Here are some highlights of what we have achieved and you can expect:

  • Optimised digital journey, reduced contact centre failure demand by over 20%. New account sign-ups up by 5%, annual recurring costs reduced by £840,000. NPS increased by +5.

  • Improved 3rd party performance within the claims process. Claims journey NPS up by +12 points, reduced escalations, associated costs. Customer churn down by 2%.

  • Optimised processes creating a 15% increase in renewals and reduced operational costs.

  • Risk/reward model overachieving on all objectives with a significant uplift in NPS and other metrics.


We have been working with Insight Now since 2011 and from the very start they have delivered a comprehensive, market-leading and continually evolving CX solution. Their outstanding real-time analytics and intuitive insight into all our customer experience and reputation allows us to react rapidly to changes in customer sentiment. They are an integral part of our team.

Senior Improvement Leader

The Co-Operative Bank

"We worked with Insight Now for over a year to improve customer experience. They listened to us on the phone with customers and made recommendations for improvement; then we tested and learned. I saw an NPS increase of over 40 points and my team's sales performance doubled!"

Marketing Director


"We've been delighted to work with Insight Now for more than 10 years now. Insight Now have proven invaluable at providing us with the tools to deliver our industry acclaimed research reports, including data management and visualisation portals for the Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report and Digital Means Business Benchmarking Report.

Mark and the team are true partners and provide capabilities we've found to be unique in the marketplace. It's helped us achieve fully personalised solutions that meet very precise needs. Their outstanding technical capability has enabled best in class functionality on a slice and dice data portal that is personalised for clients and enables our sales process. Their insight, speed, flexibility, professionalism, but most of all shared values and partnership, are key components to a long and fruitful relationship, and the success of our research."

Andrew McNair

Head of Primary Research and Global Benchmarking | NTT

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To find out more about how Insight Now can help you, contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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