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4 Cs
Insight Now Customer Experience
Insight No Operational Delivery
Insight Now Employee Engagement
Insight Now Business Outcomes

A balanced scorecard is accepted as the ideal way to measure the performance of an operationWe have tailored one to provide a holistic view of how CX is impacting your business. Each of the above pillars has 4 themes which feature a number of detailed measures. We use this scorecard to benchmark your operation, enabling us quickly to identify areas for improvement.


Our scorecards will also track the progress of our changes, clearly demonstrating the impact our insight has on your business. 


Collect & Collate ~ First Hand Observation TM • Contact Categorisation • Customer Feedback • Employee Feedback

We Collect Insight at a critical point in the customer journey where your business and customers meet – invariably in the omni-channel contact centre.

We don't rely solely on automated algorithms, we use people to observe with skill – watching and listening, to give us First Hand Observation TM.

We cover everything from telephone, email, live chat, call backs, to social media and so on.

Our methods range from skilled Management Science techniques to customer and employee sentiment analyses.

This way we learn directly from your customers and employees, exposing in real time the health of your business, removing reliance on surveys from self-selecting respondents.

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